Vision, Mission and Values

Imagine a world free from the fear of violence…”

Our Vision

A world free from the fear of violence.


Our Mission

Working to this vision, our mission is to raise funds
to support communities around the world in reducing
their risk of violence


Our Values

Affected communities at the centre

Communities affected by violence will be at the centre of all of our work, recognising that reducing violence requires action at all levels.

Long-term approach

The causes of violence are deep rooted and manifold and there are rarely quick and easy solutions.  Therefore we will develop long-term partnerships with those working to eliminate violence.

Out of sight, not out of our minds

Much violence receives little media attention: we will actively seek out ‘forgotten’ areas of violence.

Needs driven, evidence guided

Our approach will be driven by need and specifically the risk that violence poses to people’s lives and well-being.  Our work will be guided by the best available evidence of what works. 

Neutrality and independence

We will maintain our independence from government and from parties to conflict.

Ethical standards

We will abide by the highest ethical standards.

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