Wexford 2016

Piloting in Wexford in 2016

We are piloting this appeal in Wexford in 2016.

The aim of the pilot is help us prepare the full country-wide appeal planned for 2017.  We also plan to raise funds.

How will we use the funds raised

Funds raised will be used to support organisations, in Ireland and worldwide, working at community level to build peace and reduce violence.

The Wexford pilot will use some of the funds to support community peace committees in the Central African Republic, currently suffering from civil war.  We will do this through Conciliation Resources a highly respected peace-building agency.  We will also use some of the funding to support initiatives in Wexford working to reduce violence.

What you can do

You can help by organizing your own St Patrick’s Day event.

Possible activities include

  • A work-place Go Green for Paddy’s Peace
  • Paddy’s Peace table-quiz
  • Eating green for lunch (Paddy’s Peace Pudding?)
  • Organise a Paddy’s Day Party (6-nations?)
  • Greening your website / Facebook page and linking to Shamrock Appeal