Who we are

Steering Group

A steering group has been set up, current membership being:

Founder and Acting Chief Executive


Bobby Lambert has over 30 years experience in international aid, including 10 years as Chief Executive of RedR, a humanitarian agency based in London.  Based in Ireland, he is now a consultant in humanitarian affairs, working with agencies such as Concern, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, the Red Cross, UNHCR, UNICEF, and the World Health Organisation.  Much of his work involves dealing with the consequences of violent conflict.

Growing up in Ireland in the 1970s, the ‘troubles’ in the northern part of the island meant that violence was always an issue.  During his time in London reflecting on the power of symbols such as the poppy in November and the Red Nose are used in Britain to raise funds, a thought struck him: why not harness the power of the shamrock and St Patrick’s Day in the cause of peace. With encouragement from friends, family and some key agencies there was nothing for it but to pursue the idea…


The following are lending their names and support:

  • John Browne, TD for Wexford, providing support and political connections
  • Keith Best, Chair of Wyndham Place CharlemagneTrust, retired charity CEO and former MP
  • Éamonn ButtleMD of South East Radio, providing connections and communications support
  • Marie Corcoran-Tindill, Community Development worker, providing support on charity registration
  • Maurice Grehan, providing support in ITC and graphic design
  • Eugene Lambert, author and U.K. based founder of Aspect Capital, providing seed-funding
  • Michael Londra, Emmy® nominated singer and Wexford Ambassador, lending his name
  • Gregory Maguire, US author of novel, Wicked, behind the blockbuster musical, providing seed funding
  • Paul McNulty, Engineer and author of novels including Spellbound by Sibella
  • Paul McVeigh, founder of London Short Story Festival and author of novel The Good Son
  • Kevin Moynihan, Chartered Accountant of KGM Financial Ltd in Kerry, providing financial advice
  • Colm Tóibín, Irish based novelist, is providing literary inspiration
  • Pádraig Ó’Tuama, Poet and leader of Corrymeela community, providing poetic insights
  • Terry Veitch, retired CEO, providing mentoring and networking support
  • Tony Macaulay, Northern Ireland author, management consultant and peacebuilder

Charity Status

The Shamrock Foundation is currently in the process of registering as a charity in the Republic of Ireland, with the following as trustees:
John Atkinson, Mark Cumming, Will Devas and Avila Kilmurray, all members of the Steering Group.